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COVID-19 UPDATE: 12 November 2021

One Tree Hill College - Year 9 & 10 Return to School Monday 22 November 2021


Following the Minister of Education's recent announcement, we have been planning for the return of Year 9 and 10 students to onsite learning at One Tree Hill College. The focus has remained on ensuring that this is done in the safest possible manner for both students and staff, as well as creating the most positive environment for our junior students who have been out of school for such a long period of time.

With this in mind, we have decided that Year 9 and 10 students will return to onsite learning at One Tree Hill College on Monday 22 November. This is the same day as NZQA examinations begin, which means that we are able to largely keep junior and senior students separate. It also significantly reduces the number of students onsite at any one time.

The staff have already begun meeting and preparing to welcome back our Year 9 and 10 students. I am sure that students are equally as excited to begin the journey back to some form of normality. Having said that, I am also aware that some students and parents/caregivers will have mixed emotions about returning to school. This is understandable, and I wish to reassure everyone that we have robust health and safety provisions in place for students and staff. These are the same processes that have worked so effectively since senior students returned 3 weeks ago.

We have made some slight adjustments to the bell times (attached). School will finish at 3.00pm each day. To note – school will start at 9.00am each morning, except Mondays and Wednesdays when students will attend whānau class at 8.45am. There have also been some changes to classroom, including whānau classrooms (attached). All students will receive a new printed timetable in whānau class on Monday morning.

On Monday 22 November (Day 6) students will arrive at school by 8.45am and will go directly to their whānau class (classrooms attached) for a special Health and Safety briefing and to be welcomed back to school by their Whānau Teacher. Following this, students will attend period 1 and so on.

Students will be required to bring a laptop and all other equipment required for lessons. Laptops will be required every day.

The Health and Safety procedures are attached. In summary these measures include:
· It is mandatory for all students and staff to wear masks on site and while travelling to and from school on school buses and public transport.
· Students must not come to school if they are unwell, please follow normal attendance processes.
· Students are not to arrive at school before 8.00am and must be off site by 3.30pm.
· Normal school buses are operating.
· School gates will be locked from 8.30am-9.00am and 2.45pm-3.15pm each day – if dropping off or picking up students by car please arrange to do so outside of the school grounds.
· All rooms and learning spaces will be well ventilated and hand sanitiser available.
· School lunches will be served outside Kowhai and Tawa commons spaces but the school canteen will be closed. Students will not be able to purchase food and drink at school.
· The Knowledge Centre and Common spaces will be closed (this includes common kitchens).
· Students are to take breaks outside (unless raining) and to move around the school utilising external routes.
· The Health Centre and Counselling services are operating strictly by appointment only.
· If any student becomes unwell while at school a parent or emergency contact will be asked to collect them immediately.
· There will be no visitors permitted on site, unless deemed essential. Parents are asked to email or telephone the school if they need to discuss any matters.

Normal attendance processes start from Monday 22 November for junior students. Students will be marked present if on site and absent if not on site. If your student will be absent from school you will need to contact the Attendance Office as normal: or 09 579 5049. Teachers will continue to publish weekly overviews on the Remote Teaching and Learning One Notes should students need to access these.


If students are feeling anxious or worried about returning to school please reassure them that this is normal. If you are concerned or need support please contact one of the Student Services team. Booking links and contact details are on the school website:


Students must attend school in full school uniform. The Warehouse is now open should you require any items.

Ongoing Pandemic Response
We encourage students and parents to continue accessing vaccination services if they are not yet fully vaccinated. You are able to update the College of changes to student vaccination status by emailing details to

Term 4 Programme

Our Term 4 programme is constantly under review, however we can advise that we have had to cancel, postpone or significantly adjust a number of events that are normally run in Term 4. Please monitor our website for the most up to date details. As always, health and safety considerations are front of mind when planning the running of the school and associated activities and events.
Some dates relating to the end of year to take note of are:
· Monday 22 November – Year 9 & 10 students return to school 8:45am
· Thursday 2 December – Year 9 & 10 Tabloid Sports 12:45pm – 3pm
· Friday 3 December – PPTA Accord Day #4 Teacher Only Day
· Monday 6 December – Mufti Day
· Wednesday 8 – Junior Prizegiving and last day of school for Year 9 & 10 students (school will finish at 11:30am)

External NCEA Examinations – Senior Students
NZQA examinations for senior students will continue to be held on site and commence on Monday 22 November. These will be held in areas of the college that are separate to where junior teaching and learning will be occurring. Year 10 students who are completing some NCEA examinations are to follow the instructions of their teacher.

While these unique circumstances will pass, our goal at One Tree Hill College continues to be to support our students to achieve their potential and enhance their wellbeing. Our actions and decisions to this point have been focussed on our students and we continue to be focussed on reducing uncertainty and ensuring the health and safety of students and the wider school community. It is a balancing act and we appreciate your understanding and support. We also would like to sincerely thank you for your support of your child and their learning.

Between now and the return of students on 22 November, Year 9 and 10 students are to continue with their remote learning programme. At the start of next week, weekly overviews will again be on OneNote and teachers will engage with students online. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teachers if you have any questions.

If you haven't already done so, please go and get vaccinated. If you are due for your second dose, please go and get fully vaccinated. This is the best way to keep yourself, your family, and everyone around you safe.

As always, I appreciate your support as we navigate through this lockdown. Stay safe, and continue to follow the advice from the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Covid-19, please contact Healthline immediately 0800 611 116.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Whānau Leader, a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Student Services Team. 

Ngā mihi

Mr Nick Coughlan
One Tree Hill College

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