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COVID-19 UPDATE: 23 June 2022

On Monday 2 May we will return to school in the ‘Orange’ setting of the covid framework. 

27 June - 8 July we will continue with the school day following the period 1 – 4 bell times (attached). This continues to be due to the significant staffing pressures which we are facing and allow us to ensure the daily operations of the college are maintained. As I said last week, many Auckland secondary schools have been operating like this for some time for similar reasons.

There will continue to be structured and targeted use of period 5 each day (2:10 - 3:10pm) for SENIOR students as detailed below:

The end of the school day will vary for SENIOR students (either 1:40pm or 3:10pm). This is because senior students will be required to attend period 5 lessons for assessments or targeted learning as directed by their teachers. Teachers will communicate directly with parents and students if they are required to attend period 5. This communication will clearly state what days and subjects they will be required to attend. If a student is requested to attend period 5, it is compulsory to attend and attendance will be marked accordingly. If a senior student is not required to attend a period 5 session, they will finish at 1:40pm. Please email your child's teachers directly if you have any questions related to period 5 in particular subjects.

ALL JUNIOR students will finish school at the end of period 4 (1:40pm).

A copy of the bell times are attached for your reference. 



Over the past weeks we have appreciated the prompt communications from parents about COVID-related matters that have affected your family. We encourage you to keep communicating with us about such matters via Please use this email address to advise the school if your child is a household contact or if they test positive.

The School's covid reporting email address will generate an automated response. This will provide you with guidance and a link to submit specific details should your child have produced a positive result from a COVID-19 test or your child has been identified as a household contact and is required to self-isolate. You can be assured that we are monitoring and processing information received, but you will not receive a personalised response, unless there is a specific matter we need to address with you.

Attendance and Absence Procedures:
· The school remains open for students who are well and not required to self-isolate. Health and safety precautions are in place and the Ministry of Education deems school to be a safe place for students to learn.
· The daily programme will continue to run for periods 1-4 each day – unless otherwise notified.
· Students should NOT come to school if they are feeling even mildly unwell. COVID symptoms can be very mild initially and may include: sore throat, headache, cough, sneezing/running nose, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell or altered sense of taste. Please seek advice from COVID-19 Healthline 0800 358 5453
· If your child is unwell keep them home and contact the school Attendance Office in the normal manner (
· If your child is absent for a COVID-19 related matter their attendance record will be updated via the information you supply to the Covid reporting email address above.

Self-Isolation Procedures:
· Students who are required to self-isolate can access learning materials via their Office365 account.
· Students who are currently self-isolating as close contacts will be able to return to school immediately given that they have no-symptoms (close contacts are no longer required to isolate).
· Household contacts will self-isolate for 7 days and return to school on day 8. The school does not require evidence of negative tests.
· There is no need to contact the school regarding the end of self-isolation unless the timeframe has been extended.
· A summary of updated self-isolation requirements is attached for your reference.

On Site Procedures:
· While at school, students are reminded that mask wearing strongly encouraged when inside at all times is a critical element in minimising close contacts. Masks must be worn on school and public transport also. All other precautions are to be followed - being outside at break times, hand washing and sanitising, sneeze and cough etiquette. Close contacts are kept to a minimum if all precautions are followed.
· The school will no longer be investigating and advising close contacts in line with Ministry of Education processes.
· The school site remains closed for all non-essential visitors under the current COVID-19 Protection Framework settings, as such, please do not arrive at school unless requested.
· If you need to collect your child during the day please phone ahead and wait in the carpark outside the reception while your child is signed out.

We will continue to amend our practices to align with changing Public Health guidelines. While we expect to be responding to COVID-related matters for some months, the school's procedures aim to ensure we can continue teaching on-site, and those affected can work online for the period of their self-isolation, before returning to on-site classes. It is important that students who have no symptoms and are not required to self-isolate continue to attend school.

Thank you once again for your support as we work with you to continue providing students with on-site teaching and co-curricular activities in the safest environment possible.

Ngā mihi

Mr Nick Coughlan
One Tree Hill College 

2022 Bell Times Term 2