Welcome to One Tree Hill College

One-Tree-Hill-College-Principal-and-Students.jpgThe crest of One Tree Hill College, adopted before the college opened on 1 February 1955, symbolisies the strong association between One Tree Hill/Maungakiekie and the local community.

One Tree Hill College offers a high–quality education to our community, with an emphasis on academic achievement.

One Tree Hill College delivers  a high quality education to all our students covering all the essential learning areas. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence by both studying in depth and by broadening their knowledge, interest and skills in a wide range of subjects.

One_Tree_Hill_60_Year_Reunion_Logo.jpgCelebrating 60 Years

In March 2015, Penrose High School / One Tree Hill College celebrated providing high quality education to its community for 60 years!

This was a very special celebration as it was the first reunion celebrating both the history that is Penrose High School, and the rebranding to One Tree Hill College.  For that purpose we designed a reunion logo to show the combination of names.  Penrose High School / One Tree Hill College is your place, your history, and your legacy will forever be enmeshed in the growth and development of the college.

Events over the weekend involved in excess of 750 former students and staff participating in various functions and activities. The highlight was undoubtedly reconnecting with old friends and their old school. We look forward to maintaining regular contact with all our alumni.