Junior Prizegiving 2017

|| November 26, 2015

The One Tree Hill College 2017 annual Junior Prizegiving occurred on Thursday 7th December in the Marilyn Wales Auditorium.  The event was a celebration of the academic success of the junior students during 2017.

Congratulations to all the junior students who were awarded and recognised for their hard-work throughout the year. 

Highest Achieving Overall Junior Students. 

Highest Achieving Year 9 Academic Girl - DUNPHY CUP 

Bree Felton

Highest Achieving Year 9 Academic Boy - GOOD CUP 

Jason Yoe

Highest Achieving Year 10 Academic Girl - THORNTON CUP 

Alicia Kumar

Highest Achieving Year 10 Academic Boy - ROPATI CUP 

Iele Ieremia