Year 9

All students need to get a good start at secondary school. In the junior school the emphasis is on learning good work habits and the skills necessary for success in senior work, and on improving literacy and numeracy. The Year 9 programme has many features which ensure that the needs of students of every ability are properly and thoroughly met.

To ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary schooling, Year 9 students are kept in the same teaching group for most of the week, which ensures that each class is taught by a small group of teachers who will quickly get to know your child well. The Year 9 programme provides a firm foundation of basics while enabling all students to select other subjects in areas of study the full range of subjects available.

All students study English, Citizenship, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health for the whole year. They also have a choice of a variety of other subjects which allows them to pursue areas of special interest.

What provision is made for students of different abilities? There are enrichment classes where students work at a more demanding level. There are also mixed ability classes with the focus on developing the essential learning skills. There is English Language Support for students requiring it. There is also additional learning support given in literacy and numeracy for students who need extra assistance.

Year 9 Scholarships:

A number of Penrose Rotary Scholarships are offered to Year 9 students each year.

Year 9 Rotary Scholarship Page 

Year 10

The priority of Year 10 is to prepare students for the transition to the senior school. Option subjects build on the students experienced while in Year 9.

All students study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Health. In addition to this they select option subjects to study for half or full year. These are selected from Art, Dance, Drama, Food, Music, Sports Performance, Te Reo Maori, Media Studies, Spanish, Product Design, Digital Technologies, Commerce, DVC.

Annual Targets 2023

The Senior School

The senior school has three main features:
• We retain a strong academic strand which prepares students for University.
• We have a wide range of courses which are part of the Qualifications Framework. These courses allow students to gain credits in a number of employment-related areas. This gives those students a head start when moving to a polytechnic or to other institutions after leaving the college.
• Students are able to study at different levels in the senior school according to their needs and ability.

Year 11

Students gain credits towards NCEA level 1. All students must take English, Mathematics, and three other subjects
– a total of five courses.

Year 12 and Year 13

Students gain credits towards NCEA level 2 and NCEA level 3 as well as towards a range of National Certificates in specialised areas such as Employment Skills, Tourism and Mathematics.These National Certificates enable students to begin study for a career pathway while still at school and allows them to build up a portfolio of useful qualifications. Students preparing for University have the opportunity to sit Scholarship examinations in a range of subjects in addition to gaining entrance to university through NCEA level 3.
Our aim is that every student leaving One Tree Hill College will have completed a National Certificate or will continue to do so either by further study or training.

NOTE: Final subject availability is not determined until late in
the year and is driven by student choice and the size of the
school roll.