Introducing Our College


Teaching, office, grounds, caretaking and ancillary staff are part of a team of more than 90 who serve our students and the community. Teachers appointed to One Tree Hill College are top quality professionals who are well qualified and enthusiastic about their subjects and about teenagers. They involve themselves in the very active life of the college and participate in many co-curricular activities outside the classroom.


Parents are invited to communicate directly with the Whanau Leader concerned with their child, or with the Director of Student Services. Interviews with individual teachers must be arranged through the Principal or a Deputy Principal. There is a student telephone for use in emergencies. Messages for students will not be taken except in cases of genuine urgency. The college reception is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm during the college terms.

Student Support Services

To ensure maximum academic progress, One Tree Hill College has developed a comprehensive pastoral care programme. All students are part of a Whanau class within a Whanau setting (Whanau is a Maori concept meaning 'family'). Each Whanau class is supervised by one of four Whanau Leaders. The Whanau Leaders and Whanau teachers take a special interest in the attendance, welfare and progress of each of their students.

Year 9 students are in Whanau classes together with help from Year 13 students. This Peer Support programme is an example of how senior students can help Year 9 students to settle quickly into the college, while at the same time, developing their own leadership and personal skills.

There is a highly professional ranges of support services offered to students through the Student Services Centre. There is a counsellor, resource teacher for learning and behaviour (RTLB) specialist, a social worker, nurse, learning support teachers, and an attendance officer.


We offer a top quality education to all our students covering all the essential learning areas. Students at Year 11, 12 and 13 study the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Students at Year 13 also study towards gaining University Entrance and Scholarship.

Students are encouraged to strive for excellence by both studying in depth and by broadening their knowledge, interest and skills in a wide range of subjects. Our timetable is structured so that students can study subjects at different levels in the same year.


Regular attendance is essential for success at One Tree Hill College. Attendance is checked carefully every period by classroom teachers and at Whanau time. If a student has not returned after three consecutive days of absence the caregiver will usually be contacted. Similarly, the caregiver will be contacted if a student fails to bring a written explanation for their absence on their return to school, or if they arrive late to school without a written excuse. Students who arrive late or require a pass to leave school during the day must report to the attendance officer.


One Tree Hill College has an environment to be proud of. Inside, our refurbished classrooms and corridors have an art collection that surpasses that of any other college in the country. Collected over many years, it consists mainly of works by prominent New Zealand artists, but also includes student work of an extremely high quality. Outside, our gardens, spacious grounds and mature trees provide a pleasant environment for study, sport and recreation.