General Information

Attitudes to Learnings

I will act in a way that supports a learning environment. To do this, I will:

  • Be punctual to class
  • Settle quickly to work at the start of each lesson
  • Bring correct equipment to class
  • Complete work set in class with accuracy and care
  • Complete work in sufficient depth
  • Complete homework as required
  • Be focused and responsive in class
  • Avoid distracting other students in class.
  • Participate and contribute positively in class activities
  • Show respect to peers in the classroom
  • Show respect to teachers
  • Contribute positively to whanau class activities and discussions
  • Contribute positively in school co-curricualr activities
  • Wear correct uniform at all times (correct shoes, jacket etc) including to and from school
  • Look tidy and clean in uniform.

I will seek to bring credit to myself, my family, whanau and the college at all times.

One Tree Hill College Safe School Charter

One Tree Hill College School Values


One Tree Hill College is right at the Penrose exit of the Southern Motorway and is very handy to the main bus routes and the Penrose and Ellerslie railway stations. The central location of the school makes it very popular with the local residents as getting to school couldn't be easier. There is a school bus service and students can also use the public bus services. The school has a very attractive main entrance with easy access.

Whanau (House) System

The school is divided into four Whanau (houses): TawaHinauMiro and Kowhai.
The Whanau system is used for inter-whanau competitions in the various sports and interests on offer and for the athletic and swimming sports that are held annually at school.

College Donation

The level of the college donation is kept to a minimum and the funds are used to provide some of the extras that are not covered by government funding.
Single child: $120.00
More than one child from the same family :$180.00

Office Hours

The college office is open from 8:00 am to 4:30pm during the normal college terms. During the college holidays the college office is normally closed.


Regular attendance is essential for success at school. Attendance is checked carefully every period by classroom teachers and at form time. If a student has not returned after 3 consecutive days of absence the caregiver will usually be contacted. Similarly, the caregiver will be contacted if students fail to bring a written explanation for their absence on their return to school, or if they arrive late to school without a written excuse. Students who arrive late or require a pass to leave school during the day must report to the Student Services Centre.