Student Support

There is a highly professional support service offered to students through the Student Services Centre. There are 2 counsellors who are full time, a psychologist, and SENCO (special educational needs coordinator). This group of people is available to students and their families to address issues which are barriers to learning.

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Student Pastoral Care

To ensure maximum academic progress, One Tree Hill College has developed a comprehensive pastoral programme.

All students are part of a Whānau class. This Whānau class is part of a group of Whānau classes which are supervised by Whānau Leaders. Your child's Whānau Leader will probably the first person you contact if you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress. The Whānau Leaders and Whānau teachers take a special interest in the attendance, welfare and progress of each of their students. 

In most cases, junior students are taught by staff from their own Whānau and stability is given to students by keeping them in Whānau based teaching groups as much as possible.

Whānau classes meet at Whānau time once a day for attendance checking and other administrative or pastoral matters. Year 9 students have prefects attached to their Whānau class. The prefect programme is an example of how senior students can help Year 9 students to settle into secondary school, while at the same time developing their own leadership and personal skills.