Uniform Code

  • It is compulsory for all students to be in uniform.
  • Students can choose to wear combinations of uniform as appropriate.
  • If your child intends playing sport for the school we would like you to buy the jacket as there is an expectation that the jacket will be worn at sports events.

The uniform can only be bought from The Warehouse, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, 286 Mt Wellington Highway, Auckland. Ph:985 0510 . You will need to purchase your footwear from your local store. A One Tree Hill College brand label appears on each uniform item. This makes our uniform distinctive. Substituted uniform items will not be accepted. Do not waste your money buying non—regulation uniform.


We Do Not Allow

Sports shoes of any sort to be worn. (except for sport and PE)
T–shirts etc showing outside of the school uniform
Extremes of hairstyles and unnatural colours
Cosmetics to be worn
Facial hair — boys must be clean shaven
Sandals are not to be worn in technology areas or with socks.


Only one small sleeper or stud per ear is permitted. No other jewellery is allowed. At all times the school uniform should be worn in a manner which brings credit to the student wearing it and to One Tree Hill College. Exemptions to the above code will be granted by the Principal only.

Look Good — Feel Good