Student Leadership

At One Tree Hill college we encourage all of our students to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be and constantly ‘strive for higher things’.

One of the ways students of all year groups can challenge themselves is by getting involved in the wide variety of leadership opportunities on offer through formal leadership roles, student voice, classroom leadership and co-curricular activities. 

Our student leaders are expected to model our school values, demonstrate passion and commitment, and interact positively and respectfully with staff, their peers and the wider school community.

Some areas for the development of leadership skills include:

  • Junior Leadership Programme
  • Student Council
  • Cultural and diversity-based groups
  • Peer Sexuality Support leaders
  • Sports team captains and coaches
  • Board of Trustees student representatives
  • Peer Support Leaders
  • Year 13 Prefects



Our Year 13 Prefect team consists of 24 students.  Alongside the Heads and Deputy Head Prefects, the Prefects oversee a range of leadership portfolios including:

  • Academic
  • Cultural
  • Sports
  • Whanau
  • Administration and Service

One Tree Hill College Prefect Booklet