Farewell Ms Reeves

|| April 13, 2016

Miro Whanau will be sad to see the one person that has been the driving force for the last few years at One Tree Hill College, Ms Reeves. During her years at One Tree Hill College, she has really pushed Miro to its limits with great results earning itself proclaimed title ‘Mighty Miro’. Ms Reeves elaborates on the time she first moved here from England “It was hard moving to New Zealand because I was leaving all my friends and family but when I came to New Zealand I added 270 people to my family” being Miro Whanau. Ms Reeves for Miro Whanau students was the person that was there to support you when you have achieved something Excellent, pushed you if she knows there’s still a bit more in the tank, or given a reality check if she knows you need it. Miro Whanau will never be the same without you and there will always be a place not only in Miro Whanau but in our hearts as well for Ms Reeves. As she leaves, she’s still able to encourage us leaving us with a line “You all can do more than most of you realise” and that shows how much she always and always will care for us. We will use your wisdom that has been passed out to us in whanau assemblies. So on behalf of Miro Whanau, We will say that Ms Reeves, you have been the best whanau leader we have ever had the privilege of having. Thanks for pushing us to the limits and seeing potential that we otherwise not see. You have been the rock of Miro Whanau, a great science teacher, a great leader but mostly a great person with a lot of heart. You will be dearly missed and nothing will be the same without you. Good luck for the future and we hope that your future students appreciate you just as much as we did.

Douglas Hoskin and Shilpa Lal,
News Media Team, 11MEM