Flight Dance Showcase 2016

|| August 26, 2016

On Tuesday 16 August the Dance Department presented “Flight Dance Showcase” which consisted of NCEA dance assessments for students from Year 10-13. Students were required to choreograph or perform a routine for their assessments which were worth valuable NCEA credits.

There were various dance styles performed which consisted of Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Contemporary, Tongan action dances, Cook Island Hula, and the Fijian Meke. The final performance of the event was the Stage Challenge team who took the audience on a journey of various dance styles including the Jitterbug, Swing, and Tango. This was the routine that One Tree Hill College students performed earlier this year at the Aotea Centre and that won two excellence awards.

The dancers enjoyed considerable support from a large audience of families and friends. The dance showcase also gave students a first-hand practical learning experience of the skills and expectations required to be a part of the creative industry in New Zealand. Congratulations to all the students who performed.