OTHC 8am Double Science Class

|| June 20, 2016

Double science is a unique and diligent class consisting of two major sciences, Biology, and Physics, with Chemistry as a part of both curriculum's. Mr Nicholson (Assistant HOD of Science) has successfully established a class for the past four years targeting young, passionate and eager students wanting to pursue and achieve their goals by fully committing to their work resulting in a possible science career in the future.

This class gives Year 11 students the opportunity to extend their knowledge about the field of science by going in-depth and constantly working at a high level to achieve the best grades possible by engaging themselves in a hard but enjoyable journey in the depths of science throughout the year with guaranteed successful and beneficial rates. Mr. Nicholson and his students enjoy the overall atmosphere and general learning environment of the class. We are certain the upcoming years will be as victorious (maybe even better) and challenging as the previous ones.

Hanna Ali and  Zarishta Khan
News Media Team