JLP National Young Leaders Day 2016

|| May 26, 2016

Junior Leadership Programme – National Young Leaders Day 2016

On Wednesday the 25th of May, 26 JLP members, Mrs McKnight and Miss Mulcahy travelled to Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau to attend the 2016 National Young Leaders Day. We were in for a treat and it certainly did not disappoint. We had amazing and inspiring guest speakers like Billy Graham, Johnny Shannon, Brylee Mills, Marina Alefosio, Trina Tamati and Chris Jupp. They all spoke enthusiastically about leadership, being true to yourself, keeping it real and chasing your dreams. At the end of the day Avalanche City played and livestreamed their special dedication to those who attended. This event helps to shape the future leaders of our generation and the JLP Students are extremely grateful for the opportunity that they were given to attend this event.

Jessica McKnight, 9HRN
News Media Team