The Rotary Enrichment Programme

|| March 16, 2016

The Rotary Enrichment Programme (REP) is a community initiative sponsored by the Penrose Rotary Club. The focus of this programme, is to enrich and enhance the literacy and reading skills of the College’s Year 9 students, while its aim is to accelerate their learning to prepare them for their future NCEA assessments. 

Tutors from the community work weekly with students who have been selected because they have shown they have the potential to do well at the College.

These tutors, doctors, lawyers, business men and women, teachers accountants, etc give their time freely to work one on one with our students.

 REP Co ordinator Mr Langdon says that, “The success of the programme can be measured by the glowing reports received from the various ERO visits, parents’ and students’ feedback, and knowing that five of our current prefects are ex-REP students.”

Jessica McKnight 9HRN and Douglas Hoskin, 11MEM