Silicon Valley 2016

|| July 27, 2016

On Wednesday 06th July, 18 computing and commerce students, Miss. Lingham, Ms. Rao and Ms. Crawford went on an 11 day trip to San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. They visited the Silicon Valley, containing the headquarters of Facebook, Google, Intel, HP and many more leaders in technology and learnt that the area thrives from not only the "Technology Greats", but also the many support businesses required such as banking, supermarkets, accommodation and restaurants. Students developed an understanding that it can be innovation, invention or inspiration from the people we work with that leads to success and that the growth of the most successful businesses in the world is exponential, multiplying over the years, rather than suddenly . The students also got to experience American cuisine (The Cheesecake Factory being a  highlight), watched a live baseball game, rode on the subway, visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame and spent a day at Universal Studios (in 32degree heat!). The learning we had was not just about what we learned in the classroom, but about the opportunities and threats that exist in the wider world, including studying abroad, retail outlets and cheaper clothing, homelessness on a large scale, traffic and Police Officers walking around with holstered guns. After 39 hours of flying, 7 flights and 5 airports, we arrived back exhausted and tanned, but with a touch of wanderlust, ready to see more of what the world has to offer!