Tawa Red Puppy Appeal Mufti Day 2016

|| April 20, 2016

This year the Tawa Red Puppy Appeal mufti day was such a success. Students raised a great amount of $2,808 for the Red Puppy Appeal. It was a great day with student driven stalls selling healthy food (as part of our schools new policy). Tawa's idea, Puppy Love was a hit by selling beautiful roses with a heartfelt message also various activities were running also. Everyone had given it a go and made an effort to participate to help fundraise for this charity. The generosity of the students at One Tree Hill was amazing especially since it was for a good cause. Overall it was a huge success and great day full of students having a fun time and it was a great way to kickstart this year.

Zarishta & Hanna,10TGY
News Media Team