2014 Proxime Accessit Visit

|| March 28, 2017

This year Pacific Pride has been working steadily to help improve the leadership ability of all our students in One Tree Hill College.  We have started this year by meeting once a week to plan events, work on assessments, develop our languages, service to the school projects and developing our leadership skills.  This year we have been privileged enough to have our former student Carmelite Muller who was also our 2014 Proxime Accessit come in to speak to our students about improving academic achievement and life at university.  A fantastic opportunity for our students to listen and learn about academic excellence at One Tree Hill College.

Blade Kamuhemu"It was good to hear a student perspective of a formed PPR student coming back to share her ideas."

Bai Buliruarua"It was inspiring to hear from someone who was once in our shoes now studying something that they are passionate about."

Sharliz White – "I liked how she encouraged us to study something that we want to do in life not what others and our parents are saying."