Double Science Class of 2017

|| May 30, 2017

The Double Science class of 2017 is a subject consisting of 26 hardworking and bright students who throughout the year, study three different curriculum's. Biology, physics and some chemistry. Mr. Nicholson and the Science department have established a class for passionate and driven students who have a strong interest to study in the science fields, giving them opportunities to broaden their knowledge whilst working at high levels, preparing themselves for the future. Double Science also allows the school to widen the Science curriculum and at the same time, passing with high success rates all throughout.

Interestingly enough, this class has been running for 4 diligent years and students so far seem to enjoy the hands-on, collaborative and focused environment in class. Mr. Nicholson himself is pleased by the overall atmosphere and the learning environment of the class. It is certain that the upcoming years will be just as successful and challenging as the previous ones. I am most definitely looking forward to the next batch of eager and bright students filled with potential and knowledge up their sleeves.  

Hanna Ali
News Media Team