NZ Short Film Competition Success

|| November 8, 2017

Year 13 student, Rocielli Fernando, entered the inaugural New Zealand Short Film Competition in September and submitted ‘Reed’, a short film created for her Media Studies Level Three film project.  Rocielli scripted, directed, filmed, composed music for and edited the film, gaining 13 credits in the process. This week results were announced and ‘Reed’ won one of three Highly Commended Awards.  We are very proud of Rocielli’s achievement and recognition in this nationwide competition, and wish her all the best for her future creative endeavours.  

Below is the brief synopsis of her film: (which can also be found on the One Tree Hill College YouTube page)

'Reed' is a narrative short film. It follows a young protagonist named Iele, a tenor saxophone player who is part of the school jazz band. Despite his natural talent, he struggles to display his full potential because of the pressure his band mates are putting on him. It is in the verge of ultimately giving up on his passion of playing the saxophone after students criticise his unprepared solo when he realises that even the most unfortunate are able to fulfill their dream without having any obstacles in their way. Shown through a bleak reality paralleled with a wishful fantasy, we see Iele develop into a musician who will not let his peers' put-downs stop him from becoming the best he can be.

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