OTHC Prefect Dinner 2017

|| March 30, 2017

The annual Prefect dinner took place on the fine evening of March 22. The twenty prefects were honoured and celebrated with an array of delicious food brought by all families. Mr. Coughlan, the Deputy Principals and Whanau leaders attended, as well as Mrs. McKnight, the co-ordinator of the Prefect team, who was also honoured at the end of the dinner with a video dedicated to her, created by the Prefects. Citations were read out by Mrs. McKnight for each Prefect which included their previous NCEA results, aims as a prefect, their various co-curricular activities at the College, their aspirations and an obituary they had to write themselves, comically lightening up the evening. One student recalls the evening: “I really enjoyed it because of the delicious food and getting to know my fellow prefects better.”

Rocielli Fernando

News Media Team