Whakapapa Ski Fields Trip 2017

|| August 28, 2017

The winter school holidays was an exciting one for nearly twenty of OTHC students, as they went down the the Whakapapa Ski Fields for four days to have an exciting skiing experience. All who were involved had a mix of ability, ranging from total novices to the rather experienced. Mr. Wieland recalls, “we did a three day lesson program, where we’d have a lesson in each morning, then a time in the afternoon to try the things we learned… By the end of it, everyone learned heaps. The whole purpose of the trip was to provide an opportunity that many hadn’t had before. Certainly, all students were stoked to be on the trip.” He and co-ordinator Mr. Barlow plan to make the trip an annual one, thinking on how to make it bigger and better. After this year’s success, they want to keep opening this opportunity to as many students as possible.

Rocielli Fernando, 13KLM, News Media Team