Whānau Haka 2017

|| August 31, 2017

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year -One Tree Hill College's annual whanau haka competition took place on Wednesday 26 July. This event has been running for five years now, with each year bringing a new take on the competition. This year, the venue was changed and the performances took place in front of the school reception. This catered for the size of the whole school and  allowed each student to see the whole haka being performed. After fierce performances from all four whanau, Tawa came out victorious-only just beating Miro. Mr Lanner, whanau leader of Tawa, was blown over and surprised by the outcome as he didn't expect the win. He commends all whanau for performing with such pride and unity. Miss Hughes, whanau leader of Hinau and an organiser of the event, recalls the excitement on the day and the strength she felt from the haka being performed by so many students. She is fully supportive of the final results and would like to congratulate Tawa on their win. The whole school came together to perform Te Haka O Puakiekie one last time, after the results were given, to conclude a fun and memorable day.

Tū maia, tū rangatira

Aue, aue, aue, hā, hī!

Stand strong stand proud!

Alicia Kumar - News Media Team