Whanau Masterchef 2017

|| April 7, 2017

The heat of the annual cooking competition was felt by all by the end of the third day, where Kowhai reigned as champions for the Whanau Masterchef. Starting with the Juniors who indulged us pizza, then with Year 11s and 12s who delighted judges with mains and finally the Year 13s who were challenged with brunch, Kowhai conquered the competition, winning by only six points against Miro. The golden Whanau cooked variations of sweet and savoury pizza, chicken stir fry, and a bacon pancake stack. Students were able to support their peers, and teachers pored over the young cooks, throwing small encouragements here and there. Always the highlight of Whanau events and of the year, it is one we can never get full of.

The results over the past few days were:

Year 9 and 10:

1st Place: Kowhai with  95 points and their entry “Berry Bomb Tangy Tasty”
2nd Place: Miro with 87 points and their entry “Croc delight”
3rd Place: Tawa with 76 points and their entry “Cheezie T”
4th Place: Hinau with 64 points and their entry “Hearty Pizza”

Year 11 and 12:

1st place: Miro with 82 points and their entry “Miro’s baking, chicken’s shaking…coz it’s wrapped in bacon, we aint faking, please no hating.”
2nd place: Kowhai with 80 points and their entry: “ Stir fry chicken with steamed rice”
3rd place: Hinau with 76 points and their entry: “Chicken pasta stir fry”
4th place: Tawa with 74 points and their entry: “Chicken Parmigiana”

Year 13: 

1st Place: Hinau with 96 points and their entry: “ Muffin egg bites”
2nd Place: Kowhai with 95 points and their entry: “Sweet and savoury stack”
3rd place : Miro with 95 points and their entry: “ Eggy bread, sweet and savoury, you know it’s the best baby!”
4th place: Tawa with 88 points and their entry: “ Scrambled eggs with bacon.”

The results overall for Master Chef 2017 are:

1st Place: Kowhai with 270 points

2nd place: Miro with 264 points

3rd place: Hinau

4th place: Tawa

Rocielli Fernando, 13KLM, News Media Team