Year 9 BBQ 2017

|| February 17, 2017

This Thursday, the Year 9 students and their parents were invited to attend a barbecue set up by the staff and Prefects. Approximately 90 families attended and were informed of many aspects of OTHC school life, such as academics, sports and arts, as well as conversing with their child’s whanau teacher. One parent states that she “enjoys events such as these, my son is more proactive in school now than when he was in primary or intermediate! He’s walking to school and walking home now, when before he was always asking to be picked up. I’m very glad he is enjoying his time here, especially in the subject Music.” The evening ended with teachers and families with broad smiles on their faces, in spite of the wet and dreary weather.

Rocielli Fernando, 13 KLM, News Media Team