A New Beginning 2024

|| March 8, 2024

Changes can be frightening, particularly when one is transitioning from childhood to teenage years in a new environment with unfamiliar peers; perhaps this is the reason why One Tree Hill College values the first day of Year 9 so highly. And so, on the first day of our Year 9’s starting their first day of secondary school, all the leaders and teachers of the school gathered to greet and welcome more than 270 students (and parents who had arrived with their children) as they embarked on their new journey. Organiser of this most wonderful day Deputy Principal Mr Kimi said. “This is without doubt one of my most favourite days on the calendar.

The day started off with a pōwhiri welcoming our new students and this ensured that they felt like part of the whānau from the beginning. Being the first voice, they hear at this school is such an honour." Mr Kimi continues, "As usual, there were a few hiccups, but overall, it was a wonderful day and most of the things we planned managed to run smoothly."  After the welcome the students were put into their whānau classes and were shown around the school. They also met many of the staff members who they were going to be taught by. New student Nekeare Vila says of her first day experience, “It was a very nerve-wreaking day as I didn’t know anyone here but was excited as it was my start to my secondary school journey”.

Another student named Lei’ite Luamanu said “I was very excited to start my secondary school but was nervous as this school was much bigger than my last school.” One parent Ms Vila who had accompanied her daughter on the first day and had witnessed the welcome said of her experience, “It was a fantastic welcome that One Tree Hill College had arranged for all of us parents and kids. It reminded me of times in the past when my sons had all started school here. I was very excited for my youngest who is now starting her secondary school journey at One Tree Hill College.”  We are grateful to all the student leaders that assisted and greeted the students who were beginning their secondary school journey. We are grateful to the teachers who came to greet the children with big smiles. Thank you to our Principal Mr Coughlan and Deputy Principals for their warm speeches of welcome.