New Staff Members 2024

|| May 14, 2024

Due to the College’s expanding roll, OTHC were pleased to welcome many new staff members to join the College’s fraternity. These new staff members have now settled in and are enjoying being part of our unique OTHC environment.Two of these new teachers Mr Hamill and Miss Mawdesley were asked by our NMT reporters why they choose OTHC and their impressions of the College so far.Miss Mawdesley who has joined the Physical Education faculty is also in her first year of teaching. She says that she wanted to become a teacher because she wanted to inspire students to find a love for sports. She herself is a premier football player and is hoping soon to win a position in the Phoenix Football team. Miss Mawdesley had met Mr Coughlan during his visit to Auckland University and it was he who had inspired her to begin her teaching journey at One Tree Hill College. She says, “Since starting here, I have been so impressed how both students and staff have made me fit right in.” Mr Hamill who was working as a qualified software engineer, decided to become a teacher as he wanted to step ‘out of his comfort zone’ and have a positive impact on young peoples’ lives.“I was influenced in my decision by my old physics teacher who inspired me to become a teacher”, he remembers fondly.

 Last year, he had spent seven weeks doing an internship here at One Tree Hill College, and this led to him wanting to continue teaching here. Mr Hamill teaches Year 12 Physics, and he finds his students amazing because – “they are such hard workers”. Principal Mr Coughlan is very happy with the quality of new staff members and says,“At One Tree Hill College, we feel like it is important to recruit and retain high quality teachers and support staff. Once again in 2024, I can assure our community that we have gathered an exceptional staff to support the learning needs of our students." To all our new staff members a big welcome.