OTHC Student Leaders 2023

|| August 4, 2023

The start of 2023 has brought forth a new team of student leaders within the school. Having undergone the application and interviewing process, a group of 24 year 13 students were selected to compose the Prefect team for this year. Students were chosen based on their involvement within the school, their application of the five school values of responsibility, innovation, aspiration, respect and excellence as well as their devotion to helping nurture our student culture. Taking this into consideration, Principal Mr Coughlan announced the head prefect team, to lead the student body. 

The four head students who were awarded the immense privilege of leading the students in 2023 are:

  • Courtney Matthews Head Girl with Loma Weatherley as Deputy Head Girl.
  • Mosese Taufahema Head Boy with Samuel Jones as Deputy Head Boy.

The head students' announcement ceremony was held during senior assembly and family members of the head students were invited to come along and witness this significant moment in these students' high school careers. Following the announcement of such auspicious news, the prefect team dedicated an emotional school haka to the head student team, displaying their utmost respect and congratulations to their newly elected leaders. 

Head Boy, Mosese Taufahema, commented on the selection of his role, "I’m so grateful and honoured to be presented with this opportunity of Head Boy at OTHC for 2023! It is just one of many countless blessings that will allow me to work together with the staff, students, and support team of OTHC to further develop my leadership skills, and hopefully influence the school in a positive manner". He explained that he 'has always wanted to become a servant in the sense of using his natural leadership skills' for the betterment of our school and students’, thus enabling his aspiration to become head boy to develop early. 

Head Girl, Courtney Matthews added, "I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the many people that have nurtured my leadership skills, as it is because of who they are as people that has developed me into the person I am today.” She sees her role as helping to strengthen the relationship One Tree Hill College has with its wider community; and, upon being awarded the privilege of helping lead our school, Courtney gives credit to her peers and teachers who continually  encouraged her to 'strive higher', as well as how to collaborate and 'achieve synergy with new people'.  Courtney and Mosese’s families were full of pride in their being awarded such prestigious positions in the school. Both head students intend to work alongside the prefect team, peer support team and junior leadership team, as well as Miss Whittle, to 'serve the college in all aspects of life' and 'influence the school in a positive manner.'