Polyfest 2023

|| August 23, 2023

Due to the disrupted start to the year only two groups from OTHC took part in the annual Auckland Polyfest Festival. The two groups that represented the college were the Tongan group and the Filipino group. The Polyfest itself went well, with many people attending. Mr Kaitu’u, who has led the college’s Tongan group for many years, was again impressed with the great parents’ support and said. “The parents support was great and the contribution from the parents committee was outstanding. Tutor (punake) Paane Alofi did an outstanding job while I also acknowledge the help the group got from staff members Akesiu Ngaluafe and Fifita Koester.” He also made mention of the group’s student leaders (Boys) Mosese Taufahema and Paea Tupou, and (Girls) Margarita Faletau and Ana Matoto.

Our students had limited time for practices but performed really well at Polyfest,” Mr Kaitu’u added. Mr Ngui, who was in charge of the Filipino group, was impressed with the way the students followed instructions, worked well together and were so cooperative. He said, “Polyfest is about students learning about their own culture and other people’s culture. It helps them develop a strong connection to their culture.” The group performed selected dances one of which was called ‘Tinikling’. It is a bamboo dance, were the timing needs to be perfect or else dancers get stuck between two bamboo sticks – very painful. “The students all enjoyed the day and had fun performing and watching the other groups”, added Mr Ngui. The college would like to thank all involved for their hard work in getting these groups ready to represent OTHC at the festival.