Kowhai Daffodil Day 2016

|| September 5, 2016

In August 26, Daffodil Day took place in OTHC, organised by the yellow whanau of Kowhai. The school all strived to wear the colour yellow and raise awareness for the cancer society, who have been established in 1929 and have aimed to promote healthy living and contribute to the ongoing research for the cure for cancer. One in three people who are diagnosed with cancer in New Zealand are cured, and in previous years, the money raised has been proven to help tremendously. Kowhai whanau raised $2707, through various activities taking place during the week such as competitive sports and fun challenges. Thank you to Mrs. Crawford, Mr. Kimi, Miss Lingham and Kowhai whanau for making the day worthwhile.

Rocielli Fernando, 12KLM,
News Media Team