OTHC Student Council 2017

|| August 28, 2017

The Student Council is a collective group of approximately 92+ students selected in groups from each whanau that all work together to gather student’s voice for the progression and improvement of One Tree Hill College. Mr. Coughlan (the school’s principal) runs this group alongside the students, attending meetings every 1-2 months to report back any feedback from students regarding their ideas for a better environment and more. He believes that “It is very important for the school to have a selective group like this as it allows a greater student voice to be heard and be brought forward for the development of our school”. So far into the school year, they have all been working accompanied by The Board of Trustees, planning the next phase of a strategic plan that will be implemented in the future of OTHC. We can expect a lot of hard work and results from this team further on the year. 

Hanna Ali - News Media Team