Senior Mid-Exam Week 2017

|| October 18, 2017

Between the 15th-22nd of September, senior students underwent a week full of practice external exams where they studied and worked hard to secure safe grades for the end of the year and retrieve individual input via their grades, getting to see where they are at and how they could do better at the end of the year. For a majority of the year 11 students, this was their first ever experience where they sat exams in the auditorium compared to their normal classrooms. “ It felt very official and it made me more pressured to do well as it was different than what we were used to back in junior year” & “ I felt extremely nervous but once I opened the test paper it all settled” are what some of the first timers thought. A big round of applause for the hard work and effort everyone put in this time around for these exams, let's keep it up and push further for the end of year externals! 

Hanna Ali - News Media Team