Year 9 Citizenship 2023

|| August 23, 2023

The Year 9 Citizenship Classes of 2023 ended in the annual trip up One Tree Hill (the school's namesake), and, though the weather was a small obstacle, our trip went ahead and was dry for the most part.The day started off normally like any other school day except we came to school in P.E. uniform with a bag full of  necessities for the trip and radiant enthusiasm. The disappointing weather did not appear to be a downfall for the students, as they looked forward excitedly to the day. On arriving at Cornwall Park, we quickly set about the task of walking to the top of the maunga; and, on reaching the top of the hill, were all exhausted. But this feeling of exhaustion soon left us as we were all stunned by the amazing panoramic view that befell us. The beauty of it all made the arduous work of getting to the top, all worth it. After a time, we all had to walk down from Maungakiekie to the park where we did some fun activities in our workbooks as well as taking part in fun activities lead by our student prefects, peer supporters and teachers.  

Once we arrived back at school, the small showers turned into heavy rain that pushed all our students to sprint from the buses to the dry shelter under the canopy outside the gym. While we were waiting for our friends to arrive, we patiently waited under the shelter. We then had lunch and with the food being finished we all headed up to the Marilyn Wales Auditorium where our OTHC teachers were going to present us with our Citizenship badges and certificates.  One class after another stepped up on stage to receive their certificates and badges and selected students were presented with the Top Citizen Award which is given to nominated students who had shown all the One Tree Hill College values on a regular basis. The students would like to thank all the teachers who organized this trip and especially Ms Sabbage who oversaw and arranged the trip and the course.